FusionLens 2.0

Make mobile photography beyond imagination

iPhone in full bloom

Full lens kit / mount for existing users to upgrade to iPhone 11 series

FusionLens 2.0

8mm wide angle | 360°photo | 23:9 anamorphic


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It's Crystal Clear.

Optically guaranteed clear phone case is now on-broad.

Shoot like a filmmaker

Ultimate filmmaker lens

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Travel Kit iPhone Case Screen Protector Smart Mount Lens

Brand new

FusionLens 2.0 Collection

With this little piece of clip-on, capture stunning cinematic style on your iPhone.

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All-in-One smart lens

FusionLens 2.0

FusionLens is the most powerful photography kit for an iPhone.

Combining optical design with intelligent software reforming photography ever on an iPhone.


specialised and powerful

FusionLens App

FusionLens App captures stunning widescreen video and photo. Instant switch between capture modes on the fly is game-changing.

Relive your epic moments by instant sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and instant messengers.


FusionLens review

Check out the review of FusionLens 2.0 new features NOW.

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In Press

I think the best use case scenario is for selfie lovers or aspiring vloggers, as the FusionLens 2.0 allows users to get a much wider shot than their iPhones would normally allow.



The Best cameras are the ones in your pocket. With FusionLens, you can use them to capture 360 degrees.

Kelvin Yuen, National Geographic Photographer